When we are closed or unavailable

If you require medical assistance and no appointment is available, we would recommend contacting your own NHS GP practice, your local pharmacy or telephoning the NHS non-emergency number 111. 

NHS 111 is available 24 hours a day and provides advice for urgent (but not life-threatening) medical queries. A call handler will triage your call and direct you to the most appropriate service. This may be the local pharmacy, a walk-in-centre/minor injuries unit, the GP out of hours service, A&E or an ambulance.


If you or someone you know experiences severe chest pain, severe breathing difficulties, severe loss of blood or any other life-threatening illness then please go immediately to the nearest A&E department or telephone 999. For assistance on when to call this number, click here: 999

For further advice on use of urgent and out of hours care, please visit see the information visible here: NHS Urgent Care.