Cookies Policy

Cookies are small files that contain information about browsing activity. When you visit a website, your device automatically stores the cookie in the data files. This enables the website to respond respond more efficiently on subsequent visits.

Cookies are useful as they help our website to recognise your device and distiguish you from other users on the site. Cookies are also used on our booking page by a third party supplier and further details of these rights may be viewed here: scheduling policy.

In using our website you consent to use of cookies. The cookies are then used by our server to provide enhanced browsing on returning to the site. You can determine whether we use cookies and these configurations may be changed in your browser menu. Further details of how to manage cookies may be viewed through Google Chrome Help. If you do not wish us to store cookies, you can browse in an incognito mode and information on this may be viewed here: private browsing.

We use analytical cookies to track website traffic using reports from Google Analytics. This software collects and analyses the information automatically to help us improve our website. If you wish to find out more about how this information is used, please visit here: Google Analytics Help.