HSE Commercial Diving Medicals

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need an HSE Commercial Diving medical?
    Under the Diving at Work Regulations 1997 all divers at work must have a valid certificate of fitness to dive issued by an Approved Medical Examiner of Divers (AMED).  AMEDs are approved by HSE to conduct statutory medical examinations on divers to ensure they are fit to dive.

  • Do I need an Initial or Renewal HSE Diving Medical?

    This is more complicated than you might think. The following divers will need to have an Initial HSE Diving Medical:

    1. All divers attending for their first HSE Diving Medical

    2. Existing divers whose last HSE diving medical was >12 months ago.

    Only HSE divers who hold a valid and in date MA2 certificate (performed within the 12 months prior to your dive medical appointment) may apply for a Renewal HSE Diving Medical.

  • What preparation must I do for my Initial HSE Diving Medical?

    All divers who require an Initial Diving Medical must ensure they have a form signed by their GP. This includes divers who have previously had an HSE Dive medical performed >12 months ago. The HSE GP dive medical form may be downloaded from here: Initial HSE Dive Medical GP Form

  • What happens during an HSE Diving Medical?
    The doctor will perform medical checks in line with the guidance from the HSE and the appointment will cover the following aspects:

  1.  Assessing your diving history, past medical history and assessing your overall health. This will include checking your height, weight, blood pressure and performing a thorough physical examination. 

  2.  Checking your eyesight (before and after you put on glasses) and colour vision testing.

  3.  Checking your hearing. 

  4.  Testing your urine for glucose, blood and protein, indicative of diabetes and kidney problems.

  5.  Listing any medication you’re currently taking on the medical form.

  6. The assessment also includes a fitness test known as a Chester Step Test. This test is dependent on measuring your heart rate, so please avoid drinking excessive alcohol or caffeine drinks in the 24 hours before the appointment. The Chester Step Test assesses your aerobic capacity and involves stepping onto and off a step in time to a beat. This increases in speed every two minutes and your heart rate will be monitored throughout the test. The test is usually continued until you are exercising at 80% of your maximum heart rate or complete the full duration, which lasts a maximum of ten minutes.

Cost of HSE Diving Medicals

Initial Diving Medical £255 (90 minutes)

Renewal Diving Medical £225 (75 minutes)

All of the HSE Diving Medicals are performed by Dr Henry Beard who is an Approved Medical Examiner of Divers.

If you wish to book an appointment, please select option E on our booking page. This can be done quickly and easily by clicking this link: HSE Diving Medicals Booking


  • What do I need to bring to my appointment? 
    This is a reminder of the seven items you will need to bring to your HSE Dive Medical:

  1. Photo ID e.g. passport or driving licence

  2. Your signed GP form or previous in date MA2 diving certificate

  3. Your diving log book and evidence of your diving qualifications

  4. Your glasses (do not wear contact lenses as they are removed for the eyesight test).

  5. A urine sample. Our reception will give you a specimen pot on arrival and direct you to the bathroom.

  6. Good hearing: if possible, we recommend avoiding loud noises prior to your appointment.

  7. Any hospital letters and/or a list of your current medication.

  • What should I do if I have a significant health condition or I am unsure if it is relevant?
    Please email us in advance of your appointment via the details below. We can then answer any questions you may have and set aside additional time for your assessment.

  • Do you offer a discount if I require two similar medicals at the same time? Yes, we can often offer a discount if you require two similar medicals. Please email us in advance via the details below.

Recreational Diving Medicals

Please note we do not currently offer recreational diving medicals and advise all recreational PADI or BASC divers to contact the UK Dive Medicine Committee for advice: http://www.ukdmc.org/

If you would like to book an appointment please click here: Appointment Booking Page

If you have any questions, it’s best to email us on info@beardmedical.com or send a message via our contact form.