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Motorsport UK Medicals (also known as an MSA medical)

When applying for your licence from the Motorsport UK you need be examined by a doctor to ensure you meet the medical requirements for motor sport racing in the UK. Our doctors are registered with the Motor Sport Association and specialise in providing these medicals to competitive race drivers from Bristol and the surrounding areas. 

  • Do I need a medical in order to gain an Motosport UK/MSA licence?
    The MSA require a medical examination in the following circumstances, when applying for an MSA licence:

    1.  Applying for your first MSA licence (of any type).
    2. Applying for a renewal of an MSA National Licence when >45yrs old.
    3. Applying for a renewal of an National MSA licence, when you have certain medical conditions.
    4. Applying for an international MSA licence.

    Further details on the MSA medical regulations can be found here: MSA Medical Regulations

  • What kind of Motorsport UK medical do I need?

  • Standard Motorsport UK Medical £85
    If you are applying for your first MSA Licence, a doctor must provide a medical report on your your application form. Only one medical is usually necessary; however, if you have ever been treated for any of the following conditions (or are over 45yrs old) you may need undergo a medical every year:
    1. Contact lenses or glasses are required for driving.
    2. Surgery within the last 2 years.
    3. Diabetes
    4. High blood pressure.
    5. Heart disease or a heart disorder
    6. Epilepsy, seizures or any other neurological conditions
    7. Severe giddiness, fainting spells or blackout.
    8. Severe head injury which led to concussion or unconsciousness.
    9. Psychiatric illness or mental disorder including depression, anxiety, personality disorder.
    10.Any behavioural problem including ADHD, Autistic Spectrum, Asperger's Syndrome.

  • International MSA Medical with resting ECG (heart test) £160
    If you are applying for an MSA International Competition Licence you are required to undergo a medical examination every year. There is an additional requirement depending upon your age:
    - Drivers aged <45yrs require a resting ECG (heart test) every 2 years.
    - Drivers aged >45yrs require a stress/exercise ECG every 2 years with a cardiologist's report.

    Beard Medical Practice are able to organise your International MSA medical with a resting ECG during the same appointment. If you are >45yrs and require a stress ECG, please email us first on and we will make the necessary arrangements for you. 

  • Where can I get the MSA application form from?
    Please download a copy of the form prior to your MSA medical. A copy of the application form may be obtained from here: MSA Medical form.

  • What happens during an MSA driver medical assessment?
    The doctor will perform the medical checks outlined on the MSA medical form. This will involve:
    - Measuring your blood pressure and listening to the chest and heart sounds.
    - Checking your eyesight; before and after you put on driving glasses.
    - Test your urine for glucose (sugar) indicative of diabetes.
    - Ask about your previous medical history (these questions are on the MSA form).   

  • How long does a medical take?
    The standard medical will take up to 30 minutes to complete and costs £85.

  • What do I need to bring to my appointment? 
    This is a reminder of the six items you will need to bring to your MSA driver medical:
    - Driving licence.
    - Your driving glasses (do not wear contact lenses as they are removed for the eyesight test).
    - A urine sample (or ask our reception for a sample pot on arrival).
    - A list of all your current medication or bring all the medication boxes.
    - Any hospital letters or details of hospital consultants who are treating you.
    - The medical fee of £85 or £160 (payment by cash or card only).

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